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In this SBW course, i learn many things. i learn about sentence, clause, independent and dependent clause, and many things else. through this course we can learn How to make a good sentence, what things that build it. So we will be better in writing after studying this course. I still want to learn How arrange sentences to become a good paragraph, and from paragraph becomes a good reading. The lecturer deliver the study’s material clearly. She is so kind and patience, it makes my study process more fun and exciting. I think the study process will be better if the time for group’s studying is longer. The given-task is very exciting, because i must post it, because it is new thing for me. I am assessed by showing our posting, being active in class, and being discipline. I think the assessment is good enough, there is none to be changed. I think the classroom management is good enough for studying process. I don’t insist to get a good grade, because i know that my friends are very good and smart, So this is a tight competition. I think my lecturer has a better point of view about this. So this is up to her.


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Words in My Business   Leave a comment

Owner of Construction Company


Congratulations for being the best employee of the year.

Congratulation for constructing process.


I hope you finish this building construction perfectly.

Good luck in your new job.


My deepest condolences for your loss of your grandma.

I am very sorry. i know this is a big hit for you, i wish you are better in the other job.


Use head protector in this construction area.

Return the equipment back to its place after using it.


Wet paint.

Wet cement.


No entry except engineers.

No lateness

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Words for My Children   Leave a comment

!. My dear child, take look in my words. Honour your father  and mother so that you have a long and good life.

@. My dear child, give your heart’s tendency to wisdom and goodness and stay away from evilness. They will guide you in all your life so that you will have a peace and prosperous life.

#. In everything you do, put God first.

$. Do what you can do today, don’t postpone it.

%. Do the best and God will do the rest.

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My Home Town   Leave a comment

!. Many people have known if my hometown’s traditional food is Lunpia, bandeng presto, and wingko babat.

@. In Semarang you can see if it is a beautiful town that has both sea and mountain.

#. Today, you still see if Semarang has many historical heritage like Lawang Sewu, and Old Town.

$. I believe if Semarang will be very great city.

%. Semarang which has many big malls is the capital city of central Java.

^. People who live around Semarang usually choose to study and work in Semarang.

&. Semarang which is near sea is the central economy city in central Java.

*. Economy in Semarang is growing faster because Semarang is the important city of economy in central Java.

(. I hope Semarang will be a very good and big city so that Semarang can be blessing to other countries.

). There are many things to be change in Semarang if we want to be an International city.

^_^. Although, there are many things must be done by our mayor, but i think he’s done the best for our lovely city.

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*.The lecturer in the program were smart and kind persons ,but some of them were very strict.
*.I got much experiences and knowledge in the program, so i would be much clever than before.
*.Some of my friends graduated with a good GPA, but some of them didn’t.
*.My roommate was a handsome boy and he had a blonde hair.
*.He was a smart boy, for he always studied until midnight.
*.He was a rich boy from Canada, therefore he always treated his friends.
*.He was a kind boy, therefore he had many friends.
*.he liked to watch movie;he hated to watch talk show.
*.He liked dancing;he hated singing.

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Dream Family   2 comments

I will marry to a woman who has been chosen by my God for  me.

We will have many beautiful and handsome children who love their God and parents.

My family who love each others live in prosperity.

The nation which my family live will be blessed by God.

My family will be  a blessing for many nations which are spread all over the world.

My family will live in the house which is blessed by the Lord, my God.

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My dream house   2 comments

My big colorful house on my beautiful island around Hawaii island has many luxurious rooms.

The house on the island has a big beautiful garden of Indonesia’s beautiful flowers on the middle of  the house.

The rooms in the house have many luxurious things of Indonesia’s furniture like Jepara’s furniture.

There are flowers on the corner of every rooms.

In the evening, the roof is opened to see the beauty of twinkling star dancing in the sky.

In the morning, the maids prepare breakfast in the dining room.

In the garden, my dogs run and play with my family.

There is a small airport near my house to go to another island.

In the evening we will make steak or barbeque party with my whole family in the garden.

there is luxurious prayer room on the top of my house.

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